I believe you were made for these times.

I believe there is a reason you are alive in 2014. In the city where you live, with the people you love, with the work that you do.

I believe the world needs people just like you. People who are inspired and empowered to confront the most pressing challenges of our time.

It is tempting to wish for the heroes of our history. Tubman, Lincoln, Wilberforce, Mandela, Gandhi, Rosa Parks, Dr. King.

Yet it is us who are called to these troubling times. It is us whom God has chosen for today.

Together we will find the courage to make a small but meaningful difference in the world.

Together, we will confront our insecurities and battle our demons.

I want to help you do work that matters.

I want to help you maintain the hopeful heart that will guide you through.

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About Justin

Justin Zoradi is…

a Social Entrepreneur, Founder & CEO of These Numbers Have Faces, an international education nonprofit dedicated to helping African young people attend college, become leaders, and transform their countries forever.

Passionate about…

the power of new ideas, service as a way of life, doing the small things well.


ordinary people have great power to impact the lives of others. And we have a responsibility to do just that.

Obsesses over…

all things footy/soccer. Mainly the Portland Timbers & Manchester City.

More than anything…

is married to the smoking hot Trisha Balicanta Zoradi. She loves ballet and Jane Austen, can do 24 different accents, and is the most amazing blend of deep compassion and utter hilarity.

Justin and Trisha live…

in Portland, Oregon with their 5 chickens. They eat dinner in front of the TV nearly every night.

Justin has been featured in...

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…and a few others places here and there.